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Inside Chou Chou’s Brain

Waxing Moons and Possibilities

A pause was needed today. There were urgent needs to address. Adaptation and planning were possible choices, or perhaps some impossible feats. Of course, very few things are impossible, really. Solutions just like to play hide and seek. I wasn’t winning it, either. In...

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Make Someone Happy. The Art of Misbehaving.

A simmering blonde descends the staircase to the big band orchestra’s soaring strings. Sequined dancers light up the decadent Art Deco scenery, and audience members are transported to another era, one of high collars, rhinestone garters, and roadsters. Jazz Babies...

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On With The Show!

I’ve got shiny new show and less than five weeks to go! I can’t wait to share it with you! I feel like a perpetual motion machine at this point! So far, so good, but, in truth, WAY more than good! More like magical, spectacular, and other wondrous exclamations, for...

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